Wednesday, April 4, 2012

lifting my lid

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Let’s start with the toe shall we. The toe that had to be cut opened and drained. The toe that made a man limp and hurt the entire day a houseful of furniture was moved back into a house. Let’s then mention that the anti-biotic this man took for this toe caused an allergic reaction sometime around 8 pm the same day this man worked all day on this furniture move in project. THEN what if I added something that would blow your mind? Well prepare yourself. Picture it if you will. 3 girls and a limping man move furniture into a house.

  Let’s go over the disaster timeline shall we.

• Let’s call it 6 PM. A mother goes out to get her weary family any last minute dinner she can find on Sunday Mother’s Day evening in Utah. Result KFC, yuck&yum. Before she leaves she, um melts down on her entire family for not observing mother’s day. Lovely.
• Let’s call it 6:30 pm. A silent, somber family eats a chicken dinner.
• Let’s call it 7:30. A man with a sore toe gets itchy, hot, cold and sick. Could it be mother’s day KFC dinner firing back?
• Let’s call it 8:00. A man determines he is having an allergic reaction to his antibiotic as his symptoms get serious and include reacting pulse and seats. Good times.
• Let’s call it 9:30. A man returns from insta-care and goes to bed.

  •  Let’s call it 10:00. The dog that normally sleeps in a kid’s bedroom gets ordered to be put in her kennel for the night by a man who can get to sleep. I go to the mud room to lock her in. out of the corner of my eye I see something. Something that looks like the ceiling is breathing. I look at the spot closely and see a droop in the ceiling. I grab a broom handle and poke the droop carefully. The ceiling is soft. I poke a little harder and around a broader spot. Soft soft soft and poke through. Water pours out. Yes, I am fully serious. We didn’t have the ceiling painted, just the walls. We had just taken all of our things out, spent money to paint and put in shutter and on some extra items like doors, and light fixtures. Now I realize we have a major water issue and am forced to get the man.
• Let’s call it 10:02. Man comes down.
• Let’s call it 10:10. Man has pulled down doughy sheet rock by hand in a 14x14” section.
• Let’s call it 1 am. This man and this woman go to sleep.

The next day I called up my home inspector. I am, a real estate broker so I use him a lot. He has a fancy camera that can see through walls. He discovers I have a major problem. I am wet all the way out of the hose. Through room I just painted. The insurance inspector does his thing and we order a bid. In the day or so before the bid is submitted I do a load of laundry. I notice that the mud room smells like fabric softener and that steam and moisture like sweating is coming out of the ceiling whole. Ed, my inspector comes back out. We determine it’s the dryer line. The vent is either broken or blocked. We then discover a pool of wetness above the exit French door. So the bid needs to be updated.

Work begins. We have to move our stuff again. This time mostly into other parts of the house. They have to lift my lid. That means they cut my ceilings down. When they got inhere they realized my vent had come apart. Probably from a bird going in there. It gets better. After they finished the seam opened up and they had to come back!! Yes, move furniture again. I should also mention that the unique pattern on my ceiling required like 5 different people to consult and a custom foam mold had to be made that delayed us several days.

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