Monday, May 28, 2012

using what you have

When I updated my style I wanted to get all new things. However I didn’t want to pay for all new things, didn’t want to get rid of what I had and didn’t want store bought things to define my style. SO I gathered everything up and stored them like a thrift store. The idea was to be able to see what I had and “shop” my own stuff. The way my brain processes I thought it would inspire me to use what I have and give me a vision like I would were I shopping old stuff to make new again. I grouped them by type. I removed shades from lamps, glass from frames, you get the idea. I also have a general tip. The new trendy color or the new trendy style is something that I believe should be an inexpensive or free investment. I now recycle the same pieces and prey them or hand paint them to suit my changing moods and the trends. I get bored easily and I won’t waste any money on something that I won’t love forever. SO look forward to seeing my recycled pieces re-painted to suit my constant changing lady mind.

Monday, May 21, 2012

my child scratched my 100 years old buffet....and I let her live

I have mentioned before how I can not bring myself to even paint this lady because I want to preserve her history and value. My teenage middle child decided that this treasure, that I love, would be a great place to work on her science project. When I came in the room to see this I scolded her and picked it up to move it. I discovered she scratched my top! Insert tears and a minor freak out. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

polish your stainless steel with wd40

wd40 when used the right way makes a kitchen gleem.

Chalk painted accents

I updated a ton of stuff with ASCP; chalk paint. It’s easy to layer on and when you sand it a bit it blends so well. I also love to buff it with a dry rag. NO priming and no fumes and the color stay’s true unlike some spray paints. Click here for the stuff I did in arles; yellow chalk paint.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Decorator putty

I have to say I probably would have a hard time living without this stuff. It’s a miracle. It provides stability to fragile little knick-knacks, allows hung pictures to not slip to the side or become crooked. It’s the best. I use this stuff everywhere. Under candles, behind pictures, between frame and print board, under everything on my shelves. I get a little OCD and go crazy if things are skiwampus at all.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

make a bed

I like my beds to be made with simple understated clean lines. I prefer quilts to comforters, unless the comforter is a duvet.