Friday, April 6, 2012

{BEFORE & AFTER] I want it painted black

When we knew we were getting the new floors I knew I needed to do something about our bedroom furniture. We have had the set since 1998. I refused to get new stuff so I decided to refinish the entire set. Good thing I ended up being good at this. For shots of the actual painting click this link.

I sanded it down a bit. I cleaned and tried it well before I started painting. I free handed the entire job and touched up as I felt it needed. I use short craft brushes so that the paint would be able to be applied with texture.

I use short craft brushes so that the paint would be able to be applied with texture. I used Valspar enamel. I used Flat black. It’s NOT sold in the paint isle! It’s sold in the spray paint section of Lowes. It’s a tiny little can. It’s amazing stuff! I did the entire job with less than 1 can. I followed with rub on poly.

My goal was to have the room feel like a hotel suite. Minimal, clean and elegant. I went with black, but I let a little wood poke through.

My inspiration was a piece I already had. I had it in another place in the house.

I didn't want to spend too much on rugs for the en suite bath, bedroom or on bedding & accents. I opened a Kohl's card and planned out my purchases and special offers so I got all my rugs (including 5 in other spaces in the house) all my bedding and towels for just over $600. the before discount price on everything was over $1850.
  • two large shams-I moved a set of toss pillows from the living room to the bedroom because they just seemed meant for the bed.
  • two quilts
  • two full sheet sets -so I could put the fitted sheets on the box springs to eliminate the bed skirt, and so that I would have 4 pillow cases. I use one of the flat sheet as my master bedroom tree skirt, I wrap it around the base. We use our white sheets to sleep on still.
  • 20 new pretty textures white towels
  • large rug for under bed
  • large rug for living room, smaller one to the side
  • three entry rugs for front door, back door and garage door
  • 5 bathroom rugs for master and half bath uses
  • a closet rug
I then repainted old decor pieces and our existing baskets for the counter. I minimally decorated the room and replaced the lamps. I got a dimmer from Ikea for my bed side lamp and one that the large dresser lamps share. I picked up the & from Target on discount. For some reason I had been looking for an & symbol for that room.

I organized the entire closet and placed a chair in there. I put a giant Ikea mirror at the one end so that dressing would be easy to see and correct if necessary.

Mirror, black-brown


  1. I love what you did to your furniture. I have some old stuff from the 90s as well and was wanting to paint them..You have inspried me!

  2. Looks great! Great way to update dated furniture! I have been working on some new furniture projects too! Thanks for sharing @ "Pin It and Win It Wednesday"!

  3. Your "new" furniture looks so sophisticated!

    1. thanks, I was going for simple and bold statement...oh and dirt cheap too.

  4. looks great! I love black furniture, always so sophisticated.

  5. I JUST refinished the exact same bed too! I painted mine black also. LOVE it! Way better than the original huh? :)

    Amber :)

  6. Looks great!!! I think my bed that we have in storage is the same as yours. I've been thinking about doing something with you've inspired me to take a chance and actually do it!

  7. It looks awesome! You did a really great job! Thanks for linking it up this week!

  8. You're a feature this week! Yay!