Saturday, February 26, 2011

Board & Batten Bathroom

used 3/12" MDF horizontally to bridge the slats and the counter back splash

trim that will be flush on one side with the existing base board and equal to or larger that thevertical board

decorative trim on top of the framed mirror

5 1/2 " MDF on top and framing the mirror

my little hand tool made nice clean cuts around switch plates and such

Board & Batten Bathroom
I did the thin lattice strip version, like Shelley Smiths Kitchen not the bedroom. See the links for more ideas. I did the thin ones because the space is small and tight and a lot of precise cuts were required.
 I put a strip of trim above the base board so that the base board would look taller and the vertical board would not hang over.
All the horizontal trim and mirror trim is MDF. I put a decorative strip at the top of the mirror to make it a little fancy.
I did not make the slats exactly equally spaced apart either. My walls are curved and rounded in that room so I place them to accommodate that.
Paint a couple coats of white on the wall before installing things, let dry at least a day before installing anything.
Prime 2 times and paint 2 times the slats before you install…note this is not to make them pretty just to make them easier to finish on the wall.
Once up paint with foam rollers, brushes and or a combo. Have good light a low running fan and stay on the project.
Sand the edges of you MDF wipe off the dust and pre-paint before installation. Pre-paint all trim before installing too. Note this paint job is THE paint job so the goal this time is to be pretty.
You may think you will never do it again after doing it once…like childbirth you forget the pain and just do it again anyway. YES it does get better. 

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