Tuesday, March 27, 2012

horizontal trim-Tiffany Blue laundry room

AND....a pop of orange.

let's start with the perfect Tiffany Blue paint color shall we.

BEHR Ultra 8 oz. Gray Morning Interior/Exterior Paint Tester # 490F-4

Then lets get a big 5" MDF primed board and lay it horizontally to create a casual, finished look.

I had some challenges in the room that i identified and planned the project around from the beginning.
First challenge. I wanted to do a crown molding...I could not because of the existing trim on the cabinets. solution; drop the trim down below the cabinet crown and resting on the door frame. paint the lip above the horizontal trim the same color as the trim and paint the ceiling the same bright white. I love this. It adds a grand look and height to the room.

Second challenge. the cabinet doors had to open and close, as did the entry door. Solution; I beveled mitred off the ends, sanded them smooth and painted the exposed mitred edge. I also did the same on either side of the electrical panel door & the base board ends.

Third challenge I wanted a dramatic base board to match the integrity of the trim above. Solution; I left the existing base board in and then laid an addition base trim above it. I chose a base board that closely matched the existing one. I placed the upper row on upside down. So the thickest part was upright and appeared to be the same thickness of the chunky trim rows above.

Lets not forget the jewelry of the room. I wanted a pretty counter. Functional and pretty. I went with an Ikea counter (in table tops dept) no legs.

peel & stick door stoppers

I placed door stoppers on the underside of the counter and the counter is level and stays in place on my washer and dryer beautifully. I matched them up to rest on the machines and to be level. I also put a few on each end between the counter and the cabinet and the counter and the wall.


decorators sticky putty

I took a retro feeling mirror from Ikea and glued on a hook for hanging. I put decorators putty (blue putty) on the backs of the ball accent mirrors so that it wouldn't pop around when the washer was in spin cycle.

cosco stool

I added a bold orange throw rug that goes amazingly well with the blue walls (found it at Lowe's), a retro stool that helps me get stuff of the top shelf and is adorable in the space. done and done.

I do have aspirations to switch the door out for an old farm style, maybe with glass panels door painted and distressed in an orange hue. That will possibly make it to the to-do list.

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