Wednesday, June 6, 2012

tinting bottles

head over to Its's Overflowing for the full post and amazing dirrections as well as more pics!

How to Tint Bottles and Jars with Mod Podge, Water and Food Coloring!

here is a bit of her words on this task;

Using a pourable measuring cup, add twice as much modpodge as water. Then add food coloring as you prefer. Regardless of how dark you go, the color on your bottle will be reflective and not seem as deep as when it is in your measuring cup....I'd say start with 8-9 drops and go from there!
Mix the mod podge solution with a regular spoon or knife. The beauty of working with water soluble glue is that clean up is a breeze! {Big B was a huge help with this project and he stayed totally clean!} Pour some of the mod podge into your bottle....swirl it around to cover the entire glass on the inside...then pour the excess back into your mod podge mixture.
Start with your lightest color, then deepen your color with progressive bottles so that you can have varied shades of blue bottles.
Put a piece of aluminum foil on a plate then cover with several
paper towels and allow the bottles to drain for 20-30 minutes.
I wanted a contrast color, too so I added yellow mod podge to one of my bottles.
After the bottles drain on the counter for 20-30
minutes, place them in the oven, set at it's lowest temperature
{my lowest temp is 170 degrees} for 30-45 minutes. Place on a lower rack.
{Use a hot pad when you remove the bottles, they will be hot!}
Remove from the oven and cool. Remove the gummy texture from the top of the bottles. If your prefer a darker color, do it again in the same jar...just be sure to cool the bottle first. If you need to use the bottles/jar for something new, soak the jar overnight with a few drops of dish soap and lots of hot water. The longer you let it soak, the easier it will be to clean.

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