Monday, May 21, 2012

my child scratched my 100 years old buffet....and I let her live

I have mentioned before how I can not bring myself to even paint this lady because I want to preserve her history and value. My teenage middle child decided that this treasure, that I love, would be a great place to work on her science project. When I came in the room to see this I scolded her and picked it up to move it. I discovered she scratched my top! Insert tears and a minor freak out. 

I think they killed some brain cells when they had her under for surgery recently. She would have never so much as placed a mug on this before. The entire family has been made well aware that this is extremely important to me. 

The same woman had it from the time it was new until she died. Her children kept it for a granddaughter that ended up selling it because she couldn't find the space in her home and didn't want it in storage anymore. I love this thing!! I had an immediate reaction to it, had to have it, purchased it immediately (without consulting my always consulted spouse) and am very protective over it. 

You have to be careful to not repair antiques in anyway that will devalue the piece. Therefore special stuff and more work and care are required. Insert sanding 5 times and buffing, filling with resin and sanding then buffing. The a few rubs with walnut restore a finish. I decided to repair the nail pops on the top also.

I was unable to take a scratched picture because it was very late and dark. I started the repair right away so the filler could cure over night. Therefore you just get the after pics


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