Monday, September 5, 2011

$15 Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

A-MAZE-ING cheap idea to mount a flat screen TV to the wall. I despise the mounts sold in stores. To me they look very non-aesthetically pleasing…oh yeah and they are expensive. I saw this featured on remodeholic and I had to pass it on. We are going to be emanating our big bulky armoire form our master and WILL be using this technique to flush mount our TV for sure.


  • drill
  • angle iron
  • sturdy hooks that can screw into the wall
  • TV (obv)
Step 1: Measure where you want to hang the TV on the wall. Find studs in that area and predrill your holes {you will want to make sure that the holes you drill will align with two holes in your angle iron}. Insert your hooks into the wall. Tip-know how much your TV weighs and buy hooks that are strong enough to hold it {our hooks hold 60 pounds each and our TV only weighs 55 so they are plenty strong}.

Step 2:

Attach angle iron to the back of the TV. Our TV already had screws on the back ready to mount but they were not long enough. Mike had to go to the hardware store to get some that would fit our holes and be the right length. He attached washers as well.

Step 3: Hang and enjoy!

It was difficult to get a picture of the hooks and how it hangs into the wall so here is my poorly drawn version of where the hooks go:)

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  1. That’s a nice three-easy-steps procedure to follow. Did you mount your flat screen successfully? I hope I’m wrong, but the stud looks a bit thin and weak to support the wall mount. Also, it seems like you’ll be needing a totally strong hook to carry the weight of your flat screen. Eleanor @ Peerless

  2. Flat panels can be mounted on various types of wall. The most common type of wall is one with wood studding. You will need a stud finder in order to locate the center of the studs which you will mount your TV to.

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